Why Shake the Tree?

By Sarah Lillie Sewell

 My esteemed colleague Dr. Christine Carmichael and I (Sarah Lillie Sewell) were positively elated to celebrate the inaugural episode of Shake the Tree Podcast! Hear us cover the essentials on urban trees, who cares for them, and how we’ve been shaped by our experiences with trees. Special thanks to our Season 1 sponsor #forestproud, a non-profit supporting forest climate solutions. 

We threw some shade (listen in for what we mean by that) via an awesome snippet from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Dulce Sloan, one of the featured comedians on the show, shared an animated piece on the inequity of urban tree canopy coverage. OK TREES IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA! Between Christine and I we’ve been working in the field a long time… it’s wonderful to have the work we do covered in this way. Ms. Sloan… girl you DID that! Check out her segment here at the 21 minute mark.  

Getting to the Root of it is our segment on Shake the Tree dedicated to in-depth exploration of the main topic. This episode we talked about how those who care for trees are incentivized, like through legislation such as the Farm Bill. In 1990 something special happened which led to the most support for urban forests ever; something that still affects us today. Yes, you’re going to have to listen in to hear exactly what that was. 

So who are the amazing people that do the actual tree stewardship? Your everyday Loraxes and Arborists and Foresters and Tree Tenders? Christine and I shared examples of unpaid and paid stewards that do this critical work; people we identify as and are deeply grateful for.  

Finally, we wrapped the episode with Fruit for Thought, a segment which challenges listeners to think more deeply about a key takeaway from the episode. So, reader (and hopefully listener), we now ask you: what is your current relationship with trees, and what kind of tree steward are you? How do you Shake the Tree to extend the benefits of trees to all?  

Have suggestions for future episode topics? Email us at ShakeTheTreePodcast@gmail.com.